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Shaolin Martial Arts Center

The Shaolin Martial Arts Center offers Superior and Affordable Training in Martial arts, Fitness, and Self-Defense. Our 3 programs of study are available to students of ALL Ages, Fitness Levels or Levels of Experience.

We are located at 7033 Canoga Ave. #15, Canoga Park, CA. 91303 Telephone 805-657-3353

We offer the low prices of $75/month for children ages 5-8 (Tigers), $100/month Children Ages 9-12- (Dragons), and $125/month for Adults - for Unlimited Classes.

Here are our class times

The FIRST 3 classes are FREE: Try a program or try a few different programs to find the training that's right for you.

It's as easy as that. No contracts, no gimmicks, and no sales pitches.

Let's get you started and on your way at the
Shaolin Martial Arts Center today!