Chinese Mixed Martial Arts

Chinese Combat Kickboxing - San Da / San Shou

In Chinese, San Shou (Loose Hands) or San Da (Free Fighting) refers to the practice of Kung Fu hand-to-hand combat skills. San Shou combines physics, anatomy, bio-mechanics, and human physiology with the Chinese Art of War. It is a complete system of realistic unarmed combat covering the skills of striking, grappling, wrestling, ground-fighting, and weapon defenses taken from various Chinese and foreign martial arts and hand-to-hand combat styles. It focuses on applying the principles of combat rather than on techniques.

The only difference between the combat kickboxing classes and fitness kickboxing classes is the sparring/fighting component.  The combat kickboxing class covers how to use kickboxing skills against a resisting opponent while sparring. For those participating in fitness kickboxing, learning the practical usages of kickboxing techniques will increase the benefits gained from kickboxing training. For those interested in MMA or self-defense training, San Shou offers practical, realistic sparring opportunities and in-depth training on the basics of unarmed combat.

The sport of San Shou is rising in popularity all over the world. It is a kickboxing style that is fought on a platform called a "Lei Tai". Fighters wear boxing gloves, headgear, and body protectors. It is full contact kicking and punching with throws and sweeps allowed. Knees, elbows, head butts, joint manipulation and chokes are not allowed, but fighters can be thrown off the platform.

San Shou training involves punching, kicking, grappling, wrestling, and ground-fighting, as well as weapon defense drills with a partner. Contact sparring with protective gear is also emphasized. All the different combat skills are blended together into one fluid art. There are no forms or formal stances, and no qigong exercises.

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